Your One Stop for Weddings

Shenandoah Wedding, the one stop for all your wedding needs. Whether it is an extravagant or a simple backyard wedding, Shenandoah will be there every step of the way for you.

Hire a wedding planner. This is the person who will take charge of everything you need for price to venue. The one reason we hire wedding planners is to cut down on the anxiety. Your big day is all ready stressful, so this person will be here to help you manage the things you want and the cost of things. They can help you book your limo rentals in Cypress TX. Weddings don’t have to be huge to make a great impact. Small weddings can be equally beautiful.

Find a certain budget you want to spend no matter the cost, and these professionals will go to work for you. I myself prefer the bible vows at a wedding, but a lot of people like to write these vows themselves. Your planner can also help with this as well, because let’s face it, we all aren’t that good at expressing ourselves on paper. It could be a special poem you like as long as it directed to the person you are to wed. You can memorize these vows or have them written out to read, either way make it from the heart. After all it is until death us do part!

If your budget is tight, then most everything from flowers to your dress can be affordable. Maybe you have a friend that has a happy marriage that will let you use or have her dress. Thrift shops also carry wedding dresses. If it needs alternation most shops doesn’t cost that much or we may know someone that has these skills. My daughter’s wedding dress was bought at a low end shop, she then found someone to alter her dress and she had lights sewed into it. I think this whole process cost about $50.00. Her brother actually rewired some white led lights that fit the skirt perfectly, with a battery pack. So whatever the cost and what you can put into the wedding yourself, Check with Shenandoah. I’m sure even if you can’t afford some of the products they offer you can certainly get someĀ ideas.